GOTO Stockholm Nights

18th of May 2017 // One Night // Three Fantastic Talks

Organized by Trifork

Will JavaScript be able to handle the Web 4.0 and beyond?

JavaScript may be the world's 7th most popular programming language but many want to move completely past it while others still use it as the assembly language of the web, like when using Dart and Elm for example. Are we now in a post-JavaScript world?

At the next GOTO Stockholm Night in May, we dive into the question by focusing on emerging web languages and technologies like Elm, WebAssembly, WebVR and WebGL.

We are also organizing hands-on workshops after this event to provide you with the technical skills needed to start working with these languages and technologies. Led by true experts, these learning sessions will cover topics like: Advanced JavaScript, React, Elm and Agile.

Stay tuned for more updates on the sessions, speakers, workshops and more!


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The Workshops

Apart from great talks we also offer courses and certifications in connection to GOTO Nights. Here are the courses and workshops available at this event.

Group pricing is available on request.

Our Speakers

GOTO Stockholm Nights are all about the talks. We seek out interesting speakers from around the world, and let them shape the agenda - they are the experts after all.

Ben Smith
Software engineer at Google on the Chrome team
Oscar Tillman
Creative Director at Plan8
Thomas Anagrius
Functional Web Developer

The Venue: SUP46

Only a 15 min walk from the Stockholm Central and less than 500m from the nearest Metro Station (Hötorget).

SUP46 modern facilities include great Wi-Fi and power outlets for charging devices, making it perfect for IT folks.

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