GOTO Stockholm 2016

Monday May 9
09:00 –
Main Hall

Modern Infrastructure with Terraform & Consul

This is a comprehensive, engineer-led course that covers two of HashiCorp's tools - Consul and Terraform. Topics include provisioning and managing infrastructure with Terraform, monitoring infrastructure with Consul, building reactive infrastructure with Consul tools, and using Atlas to manage and monitor infrastructure in a team environment. Example subjects include:

  • Terraform syntax, internals, and patterns
  • Creating and accessing compute instances
  • Provisioning resources with Terraform
  • Registering instances with Consul
  • Adding Consul health checks
  • Building a dynamic load balancer with Consul and Consul Template
  • Managing DNS with Terraform
  • Evaluating changes with Atlas
  • Building ephemeral environments


Users interested in Vault. No prior experience required.


  • Participants must have an active AWS account with permissions to create and manage resources - there will be a small charge (less than $1 USD) for the tutorial to the account. Please make sure the account is verified. Do not use a company account or enable session tokens.
  • Participants must have the latest version of Vault installed locally.
  • Participants must have the latest version of Consul Template installed locally.
  • Participants must have administrator privileges on their laptop or the ability to escalate privilege easily.
  • Participants must have a modern Internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.