Start-Up Tickets

This year we are offering a discount of 50% to all interesting Swedish IT Start-Up companies. Start-Ups will also have the opportunity to have a booth at the conference itself.

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  1. Your company has existed less the 2 years.
  2. You have an annual turnover of 10M SEK or less.
  3. Your company is in the IT-sphere.

Who can attend

  1. Only IT employees from your company are allowed to attend.
  2. The offer is valid for up to 6 people per company.

Expo Booth

Up to 10 companies will be allowed to take part of the expose where you can bring 1 roll-up.

A standing table will be provided for you. You must have at least one person manning the booth at all time during breaks.


GOTO Conference reserves the right to freely discriminate which companies we deem fulfill the requirements.

GOTO Conference reserves the right to freely discriminate as to which companies are allowed to be part of the expo, even if the requirement are fulfilled.

GOTO Conference reserve the right the cancel your start-up expo attendance at any time before, or during, the event, to make room for paying Sponsors.