GOTO Stockholm 2016

Wednesday May 11
14:40 –
Main Hall

Speed Talks


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Speed talks with Daniele Sluijters, Valtteri Wallden, David Montag and Robert Virding.

Valtteri Wallden, TrueCaller: This talk will provide insight into event logging as a problem domain and into how and why the platform team at Truecaller re-designed event logging.

Daniele Sluijters, Spotify: This will be a talk about self-service infrastructure and what it means to give developers the ability and responsibility to take care of their own infrastructure. We'll take a look at how developers can do things like request additional capacity, both in the cloud and on metal, and what it means to carry your own operational responsibility.

David Montag, Neo4J: We'll explore how a graph database like Neo4j can help manage the complexities of modern infrastructure. Existing tools do this to a certain extent, but rolling your own has special benefits – and it's never been easier :)

Robert Virding, Erlang Solutions: As applications reach millions of subscribers, the inherent benefits of Erlang/OTP and BEAM become relevant in the backend to give you scale, resilience, and predictable behaviour