GOTO Stockholm 2016

Tuesday May 10
10:40 –
Main Hall

The Sparking Solution That Scales to IoT


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This talk will then be code and demonstration focused with a demonstration of spinning up an entire infrastructure on Apache Mesos. Several code examples will show off Spark coding techniques with AKKA, Spark streaming and SparkSQL.


The world of is seeing a growing intersection between large scale big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) resulting in:

  1. Architecture such as the Lamdba architecture,
  2. The need to dynamical scale with infrastructure such as Apache Mesos and
  3. The need for stream processing.

At the center of solving this challenge is Spark and Scala. We will start out with a walk through of the Lamdba architecture and each of it's components (including AKKA, Kafka, Spark Stream and Cassandra). Attendees will leave with a full understanding of to scale Scala to the IoTs.