GOTO Stockholm 2016

Wednesday May 11
16:20 –
Main Hall

Building a Metrics Optimised Pipeline (Full Automation)


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Pretty much every development team is looking for ways to deliver code faster and better. Getting the basics of a Continuous Delivery pipeline in place is pretty easy, and in a cloud-native, microservice environment, testing and validating ​individual​ services should become simpler, too.

However, ensuring that an ​entire​ set of microservices performs well together is much more challenging, especially if we want to go beyond ​functional​ testing. Migrating to a microservice architecture can also have significant implications on the scalability and performance of your applications.

Andrew will describe ways in which we can incorporate testing and metrics into our Continuous Delivery pipelines that can help us detect potential performance and scalability problems early. He'll also discuss how we can use some of the same tooling to go beyond monitoring technical attributes of our production systems, and start examining whether we're actually making things better for our users.

continuous delivery
development lifecycle