GOTO Stockholm 2016

Tuesday May 10
14:00 –
Main Hall

From Monolith to Microservices at Zalando


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In this talk, Head of Engineering Rodrigue Schaefer will discuss some of the challenges of Zalando's transition from monolith to microservices and how the company’s engineering team has tackled them through a combination of organizational decisions and development of new tools.

He’ll discuss Zalando’s open-source PaaS framework STUPS (, which was built in-house to enable multiple teams to use the full power of AWS without scarifying vital aspects like security, traceability and architectural standards. Docker has played a key role in this architectural transformation and helps us to realize an easy and robust deployment process.

Rodrigue will also discuss how Zalando engineers are taking a microservices approach to front-end as well as back-end, through a rebuild of the company’s “shop”—the unit that includes our 15 country-specific, customer-facing websites.

He’ll describe how the team is using tools like Hystrix and various resilience libraries to manage its growing microservices ecosystem. Finally, he’ll explain how microservices has enabled Zalando’s tech team to achieve a culture of autonomy, mastery and purpose that encourages innovation and experimentation.