GOTO Stockholm Nights: Post-Javascript

Monday May 15
09:00 –
Tuesday May 16
Workshop Room

React Course

An intensive two day workshop where you will be brought up to speed with React development. You will leave with the understanding of React, associated frameworks, techniques and browser development in general. Many of the concepts in React come from functional programming and your will get a better understanding of this as well.

Participation Requirements

A good grasp of browser technologies and JavaScript are fundamental. Ideally you have worked with “traditional, unstructured JavaScript” or a framework like AngularJS. You could also have worked with React for a while but feel you want to hone your skills.

You will learn to be proficient in creating React applications for the web and the basics for getting started with React-Native. We also offer a complete course in React-Native.


Max Malm is a senior developer with Trifork and has great experience working with web development. In recent years he has been focusing on React and React Native.


We will be building an application together, going through all the phases of a development cycle, i.e. System Design, Testing, Refactoring and Debugging.

During the training we will dig into:

  • What is React and what use-cases are there?
  • Creating and composing components.
  • Understanding JSX.
  • Lifecycle hooks and events.
  • Managing application state in a sane manner.
  • Testing with Jest.