GOTO Stockholm Nights: Post-Javascript

Monday May 15
09:00 –
Tuesday May 16
Workshop Room

Elm Lang Bootcamp

Curious why Functional Programming is on the Rise? Do you wish there was a better option than JavaScript? Is your company betting on Elm and you need to get up to date? This course will take you from absolute beginner in Elm to a place where you feel comfortable starting a real-world project or developing features for an existing Elm code base.


  • Elm language basics (understanding syntax).
  • Elm architecture.
  • Development tools and setup.
  • HTML / CSS integration.
  • Json API design.
  • Testing.
  • JavaScript interop.


Thomas Anagrius is the CTO of Trifork in Stockholm and is one of the World's most experienced Elm developers - having done more than a full year of full-time Elm project development. Thomas also teaches testing, infrastructure automation and advanced JavaScript classes.